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Noche Buena room & linen spray

Noche Buena room & linen spray

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Notes of: Coconut milk, Cinnamon sticks, Nutmeg, & Rum

This holiday scent is near and dear to me and wrapped in Christmas tradition.
Noche Buena is inspired by a traditional Christmas beverage from Puerto Rico called Coquito.
Sweet coconut milk balanced by warm cinnamon, a sprinkle of nutmeg, and a nice hefty shot of rum.
Come on, you guys know I love a good cocktail inspired candle! And this one is part of a family tradition. Commonly drank on Noche Buena - Christmas Eve, that's when us Latino's get the party started! 
Creamy, and smooth. This scent is sure to make you feel feliz!

How To Use

  • Start with a clean, damp face.
  • Apply a quarter size amount to face.
  • Rub onto skin in circular motions.
  • Rinse or use a warm, wet wash cloth to remove.


3oz, glass jar 

Storage & Care

Store in refrigerator.

Try to avoid getting water in the jar.

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